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NEWS: Small Town, IM Rookie Dad of Two


“Beat the Gurus” Out of Their Game, and Restored His Faith In Internet Marketing Forever...

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Dear Friend,

My tale starts with a launch (of a product I did NOT make), but continued with me making money from other people's products as an affiliate... read on, and see how you can copy my method.

It was late 2016. I was your typical sniveling IM newbie, from a third world country… barely known by anybody. I was debating with my two friends whether we should push through with our internet product launch…

...because despite posting on the community “launch calendar” over a month earlier...

...two gurus suddenly decided to launch on the same day as ours, just a week away.

So, there we were, given a challenge. Whether to slug it out with the gurus...

...or just back down (...which we almost did, because even big name marketers are telling us to just change date), until I discovered this…


That Led To Over $10k in 3 Days:

Back then, we had no idea we’d pull this off… I mean… we’re up against gurus. Everybody know how that scenario usually ends up. But I had no choice. I was unemployed with two kids to feed, and bills to pay.

So, despite the odds, I told my friends:

“I Guess We Just Have to Try Our Best…

And See If We Could Pull Off Some

Crazy Magic Here...”

I gotta tell you, my hands were shaking when I told them that. Because I knew how good our competition were. So, there I was, the hopeful but scared and anxious guy…

I found myself searching the internet for answers on how to “maximize the traffic we’re getting on our launch.”

“Just look for strategies to basically sell as much stuff as possible despite the competition.”

I researched here and there… watch videos… checked my books and notes… But things aren't looking too good. “I wish I had more time to prepare,” I thought. So, I decided to just take a little break and watch a little bit of anime (you know, those cartoons from Japan?)

...and while watching this particular anime (One Punch Man, if I recall correctly) idea came to me suddenly.

“Why is it that these animes sell so really well... so well that they’ve become an international phenomenon?”
And then, it hit me…


“People love stories. Proof - you and I have been telling and listening to stories since we were children. Likewise, the people around us. It's part of who we are as humans.”
Besides… not every regular guy like me have big screenshot proofs, contacts in the industry, nor big budget for marketing…
BUT everyone, big or small, has some kind of story to tell.
Just think about this...

What Do All Of These Viral Marketing Videos


19M views and counting...
18M views and counting...
201M views and counting...

Free, viral publicty for a juice, a retail store and a fastfood chain.

What binds them?

Stories. And these are stories I strongly believe YOU can as well make.

With that little clue… I set the direction of my quest to finding the…

“...Best Way For The Little Guy To Survive,


And so I’ve binged watch on YouTube... this time, about “story-selling”.

After a few hours, pages of long notes, and a few mugs of coffee, I stumbled upon this mystery guy. He’s one of Hollywood’s top story consultants (worked with major studio films starring people like Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman). My mind was blown about his principles and ideas about using stories to sell…

...and how he explained how Hollywood is a billion dollar industry because of the “proper” way of telling stories.

“This is f*cking gold,” were my exact words.

Through him, I found a really good framework to “wrap” everything I’ve learned about storytelling…
and how to connect them to marketing. So there I was…

“A Regular Guy (Who Almost Flunked English Class In High School)...

On A Mission To Create My First Story


Because the product we’re launching revolved around my 58-year-old friend’s method of making money online, I got her on Skype for a some sort of story Q & A. I interviewed her with just the simple story selling draft’ formula I’ve written on small paper as my guide. With that, I knew what “information” I needed... so more or less, it was all about filling the blanks.

It was the first try for me and we talked for about 40 minutes. It turned out to be a fun experience for both me and my friend. At that time, we were really, really close to launch date. A day passed, and our team couldn’t help but get worried. We still needed to finalize the nooks and crannies of our launch… and our “secret weapon” was not yet finished. Our JV manager wasn’t so hopeful either... and was kind of, “Hey guys, we’re almost out of time… why don’t we just use a simple sales page and video instead… just like what the other are using?”

“We could… but that wouldn’t give us any edge or uniqueness,” I thought. So I asked them to give me the one more day to finish our video. During that time, we were still simultaneously recruiting affiliates to mail for us. While a few expressed support, some would still ask...

“What Are You Guys Doing?

A Lot Are Gonna Promote
The Gurus...

Why Don’t You Just Change Your Date?”

True. Not really encouraging, but they had a point. Still, out of respect for the few who’d be supporting us, we agreed to stand our ground. And finish our story video sales letter, I did.

Launch day came…

We were really, really anxious. “This is one of the scariest launches that I’ve ever done,” I thought as the clock ticked. 25 minutes passed, and lo and behold… our product made it to top 10 of Warriorplus. (If you’re not familiar with Warriorplus, think of it like a mall, wherein tens of digital products are being launched on a daily basis.) Another 25 minutes passed and we got into number nine of the top 10 products for that day.

40 minutes passed and we were on top four! “Wow, this is crazy!,” we thought. As the underdog of that day, we were really stoked.

“In Less Than Ten Hours, We’ve Generated $2,787.30…


During the day, we were overtaken by another product...

But by midnight of day three, we overtook him again. For the remainder of our week long launch, we stayed on the top 10 of Warriorplus. At one point outside our product launch week, I even saw our product jumped to number two again which was fun to see. Really exciting, because all of these things were new to me. And that was my biggest launch at that time (remember, I was just a starting out with internet marketing. Barely a year of experience, and unknown in the market).

In three days time, we made 1,014 sales and to the tune of $10,299.92 as underdogs... and I gotta tell yah, it was a freakin’ amazing experience.

“But A Story VSL, Told The Right Way, Brings In More Than Money…”

With the help of our story VSL, not only were we able to attract sales…
...we were also able to attract buyers and affiliates that were willing to give positive reviews and market our product.

Here are some of the messages we got during our launch:

“Hey there, I just purchased your product, it looks good and I’d like to write a review. Thank you. I really enjoyed your intro sales video page too!”

“Hey, I’m an E-mail marketer. I just found your product and listening to your story made me really feel that my list of subscribers could benefit a lot from your product.”

I gotta tell you, I’ve marketed products in the past, but…

“This Was The First Time I Got These Kinds Of Unsolicited Positive,


Solely Based On A Sales Video...”

Why am I telling you this story?
In other words, what has this got to do with you? It’s simple…
I know that someone out there needs an edge… approach that would differentiate him from the market.
...a reliable system that could be used to sell more stuff in a cool, memorable way.
And I believe this “story video formula” that I used is the answer you’ve been looking for.
That’s why I created a special training that outlines the steps on…

“How to Fill-In The Blanks Your Way To A


Solely Based On A Sales Video...”


How Can You Trust That This “10k Vid Code”


There’s no guesswork here.
This thing that I’m going to teach you is based on principles that are hardcoded in humanity…
...and this is the reason why a properly told marketing story works so well.
You can trace this back to hundreds of years ago, when people relied on stories to pass on messages and spread lessons, doctrines, and history… this means you know that selling thru the use of stories is a safe “route” even for newbies to follow.
What you get today is practical knowledge that you can apply immediately even if you are a newbie.

Best part is, not only does the system work for videos, it also can be applied to branding, email marketing, public speaking, webinar marketing… even in simple “about me” page.
But you have to be careful, because…

“Not All Marketing Stories


You see…

There are different kinds of stories… and there are different ways to tell them. You could probably find lots of tutorials in YouTube now. BUT - a lot of the tutorials you find online are just aimed at entertaining at not really selling.

And that’s what make 10k Vid Code unique - because the kind of storytelling you get here is the kind that pulls people emotionally, helps them remember you, and makes people take action.

The stories & videos you’re about to create with this training are…

“...Not Something Fancy Push Button

Softwares Can Do...”

Although softwares make our lives easier… they lack the emotional ingredient that packs the punch when in comes to marketing.
And whether you like it or not: people buy thru their emotions, and simply justify their action thru logic later on.
Now… don’t worry.
You don't need fancy softwares to create your kickass story anyway.
Because with the process of how I teach you this, the end result would be you, simply filling in the blanks.
So, it’s really that easy at the end.

I’m Positive That “10k Vid Code” Is


But You Don’t Have to Take My Word For It

Just take a look at what other people are saying about it:

Here's What You


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Fill-In The Blank Story Selling System

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Regular Guy Product Story Connection

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Eight Turnkey Copy Paste Story Hooks

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DIY Production or Outsource Secrets

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No Product Make Money Method and More

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I promise.

  Here's A Recap  

On Why You Should Use “10k Vid Code”
Story Selling System In Your Business Today

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I’ve bought other marketing and business courses in the past… what makes this different?

Forget about “Tricks of the Month” and get rich quick hypes ‘n lies. The lesson you find in this package will remain serving you for the next 5, 10, 20… even the next 50 years to come. Bold claim, I know. But this is just the plain truth about this “evergreen money generation secret” you’re about to get – it’s something that has passed the test of times.

Will this still work if I’m not technically savvy?

Absolutely. If you can write simple sentences, or if you have your fair share of campfire or bed time story sharing… you can do this. You can get started with this even without fancy equipments, high-end computers, and crazy priced softwares.

Why should I get this today?

Because this is one of the best trainings I’ve personally produced ‘till date. Just like the my personal “underdog” experience (mentioned above), “10k Vid Code” could be a game changing factor and advantage giver in the marketplace. You’ll be in a tough spot if your competitor got his hands on this and you don’t. Besides, you’re getting this at a very low public launch price, along with fast action bonuses. In the future, the price would be raised to at least $97 and the fast action bonuses could be removed. Implement this and this package pays for itself. It’s a no-brainer.

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Yes, your purchase is safe and encrypted. You have 45-days to test this out as well and see if you like it… if not, our customer service department is on standby and would grant you a refund.. There’s NO risk.

How much for all of these?

It all starts at just $12-17. This is structured as a dime sale, so the price is increasing… After 7 days, the price will be $97 (which is still a GREAT deal… but you save a lot today)

Are there any ongoing fees?

None. Just a one-time investment is required to get started.

I understand concepts and take action better whenever I get case studies, and templates on the courses I buy. Where can I get those?

Although you already get everything you need to understand and start implementing the 10k Vid code system, I understand that some people tend to look for more content. In that  case, you can grab the “upgrade package” on the next page (you’ll be lead to the upsell page after this purchase).

How do I get started?

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What's the deal/catch with the bonus software?

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How do I get a refund?

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